UTS Registration Consultancy

UTS Registration Consultancy

We would like you to know that your company, document and product registration processes in the product tracking system are carried out by Belcert Certification with its expert staff and experienced team. If your company does not have a UTS record for masks, gloves, disinfectants and personal protective equipment, which are the popular products of recent times, you can get support our professional company and get your transactions done quickly.

The sales of medical devices are clearly stated in the legislation, which requires that every company in its applications have a UTS record. ÜTS company registration procedures should be carried out MERSIS or VEDOP. If your company has MERSIS and VEDOP numbers, you can perform all transactions through the MERSIS system. After the approval of the required company, it should be ensured that the required documents for the document records of medical devices are uploaded to the system.

* Authorized distributorship certificate
* Your EC certificates
* Your company declaration of conformity
* User manuals
* Your quality management system certificate
* Your domestic documents
* Current product labels
* Template upload of current sales packaging

With the submission of the above documents, your products will be registered in the ÜTS system and additional features that are required to be entered into the system will occur. As Belcert Certification, all of our consultants are experienced in their fields and fields. Therefore, it will be with you at all stages and your documents will be prepared in accordance with all necessary features. If you need to take a look at the information that needs to be entered into the system to be requested;

* Your brand
* Your product number
* Number of products included in your content
* Import and manufacturing information
* Name of your product
* The version or model of your product
* Information of the country of origin of the product
* Class information and regulations related to the product
* Catalog or reference code of the product
* Product label
* Product branch code and GMDN code
* Original images of the product
* Description of the product

required. Please contact our customer service immediately to register your ÜTS system with Belcert Certification.

Thanks to Belcert´s professional project management, your ÜTS registration will be completed successfully. You can get answers to all your questions by contacting our experts for free information provided by our company. A consultant is specially assigned to your company, all your stages are at your service the moment you decide to work with our company. Your company is informed about the whole process and your transactions are completed smoothly through Belcert Certification.


You can contact Belcert Certification experts over the phone. You can learn all the registration processes of your company and your products and learn the answers to your questions our consultants. Thanks to our professional approach, do not be late to start your product, company ÜTS registration, call us now.

We are here for the UTS registration, which is mandatory for each product of the manufacturer and importer companies that are within the scope of the medical device regulations to be placed on the market. We are here to complete all the documents and features required above in order to register your company´s products, and to register your products according to their class.

The registration of the necessary documents on the system will be completed without any problems thanks to our expert staff during the registration phase where all the necessary barcodes of your products are requested and many information about the product are asked.

Belcert Certification is at your side with its expert, professional and experienced team. We strongly recommend that you do not make a decision without calling us and getting an offer our company for ÜTS registration procedures.

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