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The abbreviation GSV, consisting of the words Global Security Verification, means global security verification. GSV Global Security Verification audits both importers and suppliers. Considering the international security requirements, it can be called an auxiliary security program to evaluate security measures. GSV Security audits can also cover different security programs that are separately developing customs trading partners, protection partners and authorized economic operators against terrorism.

GSV Security Controls

A global security verification audit is carried out around the world through accredited institutions that serve independently and impartially, and at the same time it is documented. This service, which companies will receive, provides fundamental benefits for the automotive industry and provides a cooperation by creating a common industry platform for importers and suppliers.

In this way, all companies in the supply chain reduce risk and enable more accurate decisions. It is a system that collects, analyzes and reports data effectively. In GSV audits, companies act in accordance with continuous improvement.

There are hundreds of thousands of supplier companies in the world for GSV. Many evaluations have been completed in this way and many companies have saved both time and money. Global security verification is the best way for companies to minimize business interruptions and increase brand reputation. In this way, the business potential of companies increases.

Firms participating in the GSV program conduct far fewer security audits. For companies to increase their production and business performance, to meet the security criteria in the global supply chain in order to reduce business interruptions means to exceed their potential. GSV (Global Security Verification), an international business network, ensures that measures are taken by increasing the security in the global supply chain.

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In this system, which saves companies on cost, provides risk control and provides efficiency, we help the development of security verification processes. As Ekol Certification, we answer the questions about GSV (Global Security Verification). This program is a voluntary program. It exists to measure whether the supplier companies comply with the recommendations and standards in the field of security. Looking at these studies, field verifications are carried out in GSV, program security is ensured, physical security, personnel security, controls on access, examination of documents and many more detailed content will be evaluated within the scope of security operations.

As Ekol Certification, we can also provide security and audit services to companies and suppliers within the scope of management services for GSV (Global Security Verification) to our esteemed visitors. Our experienced consultants and trainers who are experts in their fields are at your service under the roof of Ekol.


When GSV auditors visit your company, many documents are ready, you have complied with many compliances and there are different details. To list some of the documents, details and documents that GSV auditors look for in your company;

* Is the documented policy that requires all security procedures to be documented ready for the GSV auditor to review the following documents?

* Do you have a site security assessment report?

* Are security checks carried out periodically? Are records available?

* Do you have a security improvement program?

* Do you have a facility security plan?

* Do you have personnel safety rules?

* Are your control records kept on a regular basis? Do you have past and new control records?

* Do you have personnel records?

* Are there distributions and inventory records of your working personnel?

* Are the procedures for employee identification and registration complete?

* Are there training materials and orientation records of your employees?

* Documented security training and awareness program

* Is there a written employee code of conduct / handbook?

* Are employee termination procedures in place?

* Inspection and control records

* Does the security guard have a strength training record?

* Duty of jobs, definition of security guards

* Are visitors entry, vehicle entry and exit controls, management procedure available?

* Do your employees have entry and exit records?

* CCTV Recordings

* Daily entrance and exit of visitors and vehicles

* Do employees and visitors have ID cards?

* Are computers backed up regularly?

* Are shipment information and export records kept?

* Are inspection records of vehicles such as containers, trucks, etc. kept?

* Do you have a risk assessment program?

You will be asked about 70 questions like the questions.

The questions above are representative, informational questions. You can contact Belcert Certification for an accurate and complete checklist for GSV audits and certification processes.

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