REACH Registration and Documentation

REACH certificate is a document that contains the principles of the EU Reach directive. Audits are organized for those who want to qualify for this certificate by an impartial, independent authority that evaluates the tests, analyzes and conditions of the products.

You can easily obtain the REACH Compliance Certificate with Ekol Certification. In order to test, evaluate and approve chemical substances, our company takes samples of your products and looks at their chemical structure. All items must pass the test. Belcert Certification can ensure that your company can take the necessary steps to obtain a Reach Certificate and act according to the regulation.

Details such as whether there is a chemical in the product that can cause cancer, does the product have a toxic effect, does it have an effect on the genetic structure, does it have a toxic effect, what is the variability in the genetic structure, does it disappear when it is left in the nature for a long time, or does it create pollution? You can contact our company immediately to get detailed information and offer for the REACH document. Your products, which are tested by the expert consultants and laboratories of Ekol Certification, are checked for compliance with international regulations, and after completing the necessary tests, the certification phase begins.

If you have a mixture that is within the scope of the Reach directives, if you own a substance and if you exceed the annual production amount of 1 tonne in volume, all the substances in your products must be registered under the scope of the REACH directive. Relevant records are kept by creating a REACH registration number through the European Chemicals Agency, namely ECHA.

In order for your products to be in free circulation within the borders of the European Union, you should make your REACH regulations and get your certificates. All manufacturers are obliged to prepare a technical file related to their products. All of the files contain information about substance pollution, production stage, usage possibilities, as well as classification, labeling of the product and a safe use guide for the product. At the same time, it is necessary to include the specific characteristics of the substances used in the product in the technical file to be prepared.

Main Objectives of the REACH System

* Primarily, it is aimed to protect the environment all risks caused by our natural environment, human health and chemical substances.

* It is aimed to ensure that the chemical industry, which is an important sector for the EU (European Union) economy, is competitive within itself and to increase competition.

* It is aimed to know the dangers of the chemicals used in the products, to make the hazard assessment and to encourage the manufacturers to alternative methods for these hazards.

* It is aimed to ensure that the products can circulate freely in the EU (European Union) market.

Belcert Certification can provide you with all certification services as well as REACH certification service with its expert consultants. You can obtain all our services on our website our company personnel in a comfortable, fast and uninterrupted manner. You can contact us immediately for high performance, quality productions.


* Reach consulting
* Reach analysis service
*Performing risk analyzes of SVHC substances
* Reach conformity certificate
* Inventory of items
* Reach pre-registration services
* Company representation during Reach pre-registration is provided by belcert Certification.

For all your questions and problems related to Reach Registration and Reach certification, you can reach us via the numbers on the contact page of our corporate website.

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