Radiation Broadcast

Radiation Broadcast

Radiated Emission Tests – EMC Test
"Radiated Emission Test" is applied in order to determine the level of electromagnetic pollution emitted by a device through radio frequency during its operation.

Electric field and magnetic field values ??are measured in emission by radiation test processes. Electric field antennas or ring antennas are used as a method in the measurements performed here. Biconical antennas (30 – 300 MHz), Log – periodic antennas (300 – 200 MHz) or Funnel antennas (2,000 – 18,000 MHz) can also be used for this type of measurement. All these measurements can be performed much more easily by using an EMI Receiver. In addition to all these, measurement processes of high areas can be provided by using an electric field probe.

In the Harmonic Current Emmission Experiment, it is aimed to measure the current up to the 40th harmonic emitted by a device to the environment at a frequency of 50 Hz to the power lines it is fed. In the Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker Experiment, it is aimed to measure the voltage fluctuations and flickering created by the power lines that the device is fed.

Emission Measurements
Radiated magnetic field emission (measuring electromagnetic wave radiation)
Conducted emission (measurement of interference wave voltage)
Power disturbance
Measurement of brittle parasitic waves that are not uniformly continuous
Measurement of low frequency network interference waves

In terms of electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC Tests), it provides professional services for EMC Testing processes such as "Radiation Diffusion (Emission), Conductive Diffusion (Emission), Radiation Immunity (Immunity), Conductivity Immunity (Susceptibility)" for electrical and electronic products within this scope.

This requirement applies to emissions equipment and subsystem enclosures, including electrical cable interfaces. This test method does not apply to radiation antennas. This test method is used to verify whether the magnetic field emissions the equipment under test and its associated electrical interfaces exceed the specified values.

Briefly, the RE101 radiated emission magnetic field test method applies to emissions all equipment and subsystem enclosures, including electrical cable interfaces. Among Navy aircraft, this requirement applies only to aircraft with ASW capability.

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