Quality is a production system that produces a product or service in an economical way and responds to consumer demands. Standard or Standardization, a particular study, all research, experiment, application methods, etc. to be done on behalf of that study. It is the whole of the rules that should be done for the benefit of the country and the relevant party for the studies. The documents and documents that emerge as a result of these studies are tested as a standard.

Quality, according to the definition made in the TS 9005 standard, is the sum of the features based on the ability of a product or service to meet specified or potential needs. Many definitions of quality have been made. Quality is to meet the expectations and wishes of the customer and to satisfy the customer.

The necessity of quality standards has emerged especially in Europe. After 1950, the concepts of Quality Control, Quality Assurance and CQI emerged with the idea of ??how to trade with the USA, especially Japan and European countries. Later, these concepts were united under the umbrella of ISO.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is defined as quality assurance as a set of planned and systematic activities implemented to provide sufficient confidence that a product or service will meet specified requirements for quality. On the basis of the instructions, job and responsibility definitions, etc. at all stages of the product or service. certification, training of employees and raising awareness about quality, and maintaining the quality at the planned level with the least use of resources. A quality assurance system is not defined unless the user´s requirements are met fully and as specified. Therefore, quality assurance includes departments that are in charge of all stages of a product or service until it reaches the end user, apart the units directly related to quality control. And it ensures the delivery of products and services in accordance with the customer´s request and the provision of order conditions without creating unexpected costs.

Today, quality assurance is considered as a goal that covers the whole of an enterprise. For this reason, the quality policy of a modern enterprise should be determined by the senior management, as in the financial or personnel policy, and method instructions and flow plans should be created for all stages of the product or service in order to realize this determined quality policy.

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