When we look at the issue of protection of personal data numbered 6698, it presents that every process is under control, the moment the collected data reaches the enterprises, companies or institutions, to the stage of deletion or destruction. These transactions, also called KVKK, must comply with all transactions that make real persons identifiable, and natural and legal persons must comply with KVKK.

Data has become an indispensable part of companies in KVKK Consultancy. Companies should be able to protect and store data permanently in order to ensure and maintain the continuity of their business. Looking at personal data, there is a lot of information about an identifiable or specific person. Personal data is processed daily by companies and institutions. Within the scope of "THE SUBJECT OF PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA", which came into force by publishing personal data in our country in 2016, it is also aimed to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially the privacy of private life.

With Belcert Certification, it is possible to receive KVKK consultancy service regarding the law on personal data protection. All processes obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, changing, reorganizing, explaining, transferring, transferring, classifying personal data are considered as personal data processing. Now, in all transactions and all works on the web, all institutions are subject to Law No. 5651, and every institution that keeps personal information is subject to KVKK. If you want to act by consulting in this area and avoid big penalties, you can consult us.

Penal sanctions up to one million Turkish liras can be applied depending on the types of KVKK violations, and at the same time, the licenses of the companies are canceled in the works that require a license. In some KVKK criminal sanctions, prison sentences of up to 6 years can be encountered.

Compliance processes to be taken with our KVKK Consultancy are a comprehensive and detailed process. All in-house services and activities that will be regulated in this area are determined one by one by Belcert Certification consultants. In accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation, legal or real persons processing data must comply with the KVKK. You can harmonize your company with a KVKK consultancy service Ekol Certification.

With Belcert Certification KVKK Trainings, the obligations that your business must fulfill primarily are determined. Trainings on KVKK processes for your employees are given by our expert trainers. All departments and personnel responsibilities are conveyed in the relevant trainings, and all issues of KVKK in terms of Informatics, Law and Human Resources are handled by our company. There will be some measures to be taken within the scope of KVKK consultancy that will be offered to you with Ekol Certification services. Our IT specialists are at your side to take all in-house measures in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of data. Belcert Certification monitors this process, which will ensure that the situations in which data controllers can make erroneous actions are minimized.

KVKK Compliance Process

It will increase the data security of companies and your standards within the scope of the law on the protection of personal data. Improvement of all processes in informatics, human rights and legal fields will be ensured by compliance processes with KVKK standards. KVKK processes are actually an activity that should be viewed with an objective eye, experts should examine and suggestions for implementation are presented.

Belcert Certification experts make all the necessary determinations for your company and present all the necessary procedures to your company with a detailed report. According to the topics included in the relevant report, our experts will activate your in-house improvements in harmony. All updates related to the developing legislation and legal regulations are made and reported immediately after your company can ensure up-to-date KVKK compliance.

Within the scope of our personal data protection law consultancy services, we prepare all documents in accordance with company processes and ensure that access matrices are created and updated when necessary in taking technical measures.

It creates the necessary methods to protect you personal data attacks and possible losses that may occur in different systems of your company, and our expert consultants always follow all the developments that may occur within the scope of the law and inform you in case of a possible development.

Belcert Documentation will be ready for all disaster scenarios within the scope of KVKK, all test e-mails will be made, remote or on-site audit activities will successfully keep the whole process under control. Awareness will be raised through regular trainings for your staff and thanks to our certified trainings, the level of knowledge will be increased.

You can reach BELCERT Certification through our customer service numbers on our website, in order to get information about our KVKK Consultancy service and to get an offer for our KVKK consultancy service.

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