ISO 29990: 2010 Educational Institutions Management

ISO 29990: 2010 Educational Institutions Management

It has been much better dealt with in recent years that educated people are the main drivers of the success of countries or institutions. Institutions are also required to keep their employees ready with continuous training in market and market conditions where there are so many factors.

Education and Training Services Quality management system It is a standard emerging for the quality assessment of educational institutions. This standard updated version published by the International Standardization Agency is ISO 29990: 2010.

It offers a unified standard for learning service providers covering institutions, professional organizations and lifelong learning centers worldwide. Certification against standards ensures that the design, development and presentation of the learning experience you provide meets the ISO requirements. The audit and certification process gives you a transparent analysis of your current program and valuable tools for developing an effective, learner-centered seminar.

ISO 29990 standard is a standard prepared to provide assurance for organizations and individuals receiving learning services in the international market.

The purpose of the ISO 29990 standard is to provide a general model for quality professional practice and performance and to provide a common reference in the design, development and delivery of non-formal education, training and development for learning service providers (LSP) and their customers.

Benefits of ISO 29990 Learning Services Management System:

- Achieving a standard in learning services with ISO 29990,
- Being regarded as a source of reputation and prestige in the sector,
- Creating a serious competitive advantage in a difficult sector,
- Reaching more customers with the high quality service perception represented by ISO 29990 certificate,
- Service delivery in line with customer expectations,
- Institutionalization by establishing a management standard,
- Increased efficiency and profitability,
- Achieving an institutional profile that is constantly improving and improving,
- Continuous improvement of the overall performance.

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