ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Standard

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000 is a standard that includes related institutions such as equipment, packaging materials, cleaning agents, additives and ingredient manufacturers within the entire internationally recognized food chain developed by food industry experts. The purpose of this standard is to harmonize the needs of food safety management with the food supply chain. It is envisaged that the ISO 22000 standard will replace the HACCP standard published by various countries and be accepted as an ISO 9001 standard in the world.

In addition to food manufacturers, ISO 22000 certificate can also be used by materials, equipment, chemical suppliers, and food and industry supplier companies that provide storage and transportation services, including the following sectors such as BRC, EFSİS, IFS.

- Raw material suppliers
- Animal feed manufacturers
- Food carrier companies
- Packaging manufacturers that come into contact with food
- Food stores
- Food machinery manufacturers
- Manufacturers of cleaning chemicals for the food industry

The ISO 22000: 2005 standard, prepared by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and published in September 2005, is the first international standard published as the ´Food Safety Management System´, the main purpose of which is to provide healthy food safety to the consumer and to continuously maintain this capability. .

TS EN ISO 22000: 2005 standard ´Food Safety Management Systems - Requirements for All Organizations in the Food Chain´ has been published and editorial corrections on the standard are ongoing. With the publication of this standard, TS 13001 - HACCP standard was canceled and abolished.

What are the Advantages of ISO 22000 Certificate?

- Brings internationally accepted methods to your company
- It provides lowering of food poisoning and death risks.
- Enables your suppliers and shareholders to trust your hazard investigations
- It ensures that the risk of producing faulty products is reduced by process control.
Allows you to demonstrate compliance with regulatory and regulatory food safety requirements
- Performs these hazard audits throughout your supply chain
- Accountability and transparency to responsibilities
- Continuously improves and updates systems to remain effective.

ISO 22000: 2018 PUBLISHED!

ISO 22000, the standard of food safety management system, was revised as a result of long work. ISO 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System Standard, accepted and published by ISO (International Standard Organization) on 18.06.2018, has replaced ISO 22000: 2005.

The ISO 22000: 2018 standard can be easily harmonized with other management system standards, as it has been prepared in accordance with the High Level Construction, thus saving time and efficiency for implementing organizations.

A period of 3 years has been determined the date of publication of the standard (18.06.2018) for the organizations that have ISO 22000: 2005 certificate to complete the transition. At the end of this period, ISO 22000: 2005 certificates will expire.

It includes generally accepted key ingredients that ensure food safety throughout the standard food chain. Namely:

- Interactive communication
- System management
- Control of food safety hazards with previously required programs and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) plans
- Continuous development and updating of the food safety management system

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