The Higg Index

It is a Self-assessment tool developed by Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) that businesses can measure their own environmental performance. Higg is a verification method, not an audit.

Higg FEM is a tool used to measure the environmental and product sustainability performance of factories and to score them as a result. Higg FEM provides facilities with a clear picture of their environmental impact. It helps them identify and prioritize opportunities for performance improvements.


With the Higg FEM (Factory Environment Module), manufacturers can evaluate their environmental performance and share the results with interested parties.


I- Self-assessment ( Self-Assessment )

The companies´ self-evaluation can be entered in the Excel form or Higg.com fill in the information requested through the portal. The completed information and the answers given will be checked by the verifier at the next stage, the Verification (Verification) stage.

II- Verification (Verification)

It is the determination of the accuracy of the information entered in the self-assessment and the questions answered by visiting the company by an approved verifier

III - Sharing the Verified Assessment:

On the Higg Business portal, manufacturers can share their verification results with interested parties by allowing them to.

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