Halal certificate is the certificate that a competent and impartial institution controls the raw materials, inspects the production, controls the raw materials accepted during the production and determines the compliance with the halal food certificate, if appropriate. Halal food is the result of fulfilling Islamic food conditions in line with the sensitivities of Muslims. A halal food result cannot be achieved without halal input. Halal food production is a result of the sum of processes based on Islamic principles. In the meaning of "food allowed in accordance with Islamic rules" and "any food that does not contain any elements prohibited according to Islamic rules, is prepared, processed, transported and stored in places or devices free these elements, and is produced outside of these conditions, preparation, processing, transportation and storage It is defined as a product that is not in direct contact at the stage of production. According to these standards, a certificate type is determined for each product that is “appropriate” in terms of Islamic criteria and humanitarian requirements, and it is aimed to meet both the producer and the consumer on a common ground.

Halal food certificate is a completely Islamic concept that takes its infrastructure based on Islamic principles entirely the beliefs and conditions of the religion of Islam. Halal is an Arabic word and it corresponds to "Halal" in Turkish. For this reason, companies that obtain halal food certificates in all Islamic geographies find the opportunity to market their products more easily.

Who Can Get Halal Food Certificate?

Food producers, food sellers, manufacturers of food packaging materials, ready-made food producers, slaughterhouses, food transporters, ice cream makers, all products in contact with food, meat and meat products can obtain halal food certificate. At the same time, the halal food certificate is given to companies that provide services in cosmetics, chemistry or Islamic conditions in all foods by producing or selling in accordance with the production conditions. The regions where Muslims live, which made the first halal food certificate in the world, were first given in Malaysia. Halal food is checked whether all links production to content comply with Islamic conditions. After the inspections and controls are done, the certificates are given only as such.

What are the Requirements for Halal Food Certificate?

In order for the Halal certificate to be granted, all processes of the product, starting the raw material to the finished product stage, and all substances and additives in the product composition must comply with Islamic criteria and humanitarian requirements in terms of origin, supply method and ways, and source of supply.

*The fact that the packaging materials and storage conditions of the product comply with humanitarian requirements and Islamic criteria is an important element for Halal certificate.
* Must meet the requirements of good manufacturing practices (GMP), good hygiene practices (GHP) and HACCP.

How to Get Halal Food Certificate?

Basically, the important thing is healthy products that are suitable for Islam and suitable for health conditions. It is checked that the foods can be proven and that the raw materials comply with the halal food certificate. Generally, more attention is paid to meat and meat products. It is checked whether they contain additives or not. Whether the products are halal or not can be easily understood with some tests and inspections. In the halal food certificate, the company explains in detail what the certificate is, what to do and what not to do. The company will make its products ready for inspection by paying attention to what is explained. There are two types of Islamic halal definitions. The first is Halal Food Certificate and the second is Halal Service Certificate. Those who pay attention to the halal food certificate should eat the certified products. There are Hijab Hotels opened for Muslims who want to go on holiday with halal service certificate. Today, these fast-growing hotels can be preferred.

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