Gas Burning Devices CE Certificate

Gas Burning Devices CE Certificate

Gas-burning devices CE Certificate is given to devices such as ovens, stoves, heating and lighting products, etc. that use gas as fuel. It is obligatory to obtain a CE Certificate in order for the products that are within the scope of the gas burning devices regulation to be introduced to the European Union (EU) market. Manufacturers declare that their products do not pose any security threat to humans, animals and goods by obtaining the CE Certificate for gas-burning devices. Although this declaration can be made directly by the manufacturer for some products, a notified body is often required for the CE Certificate of gas-burning devices. The EU regulation published by the European Parliament on these products has been harmonized and entered into force in our country.
Gas Burning Devices What is CE Certificate? Gas Burning Devices Regulation
It is obligatory to obtain a CE Certificate in accordance with the Gas Appliance Directive (EU) 2016/426 (GAR) for gas-burning appliances. This regulation was published for the EU in 2016 and became fully applicable as of 21 April 2018. Along with the 2016/426 regulation, the old 2009/142/EC regulation, which is valid for the CE Certificate for gas-burning devices, has also been abolished. In our country, within the scope of harmonization with EU legislation, "Regulation on Gas Burning Devices" was published by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in the Official Gazette No. 30412 on 5 May 2018 and entered into force. The regulation defines all CE requirements applicable to these devices and explains all the information needed for manufacturers and notified bodies in the certification process.
Manufacturers producing one or more of the following products are within the scope of the regulation and must obtain a CE Certificate:
• Ovens and stoves used in homes
• Combi boilers
• Gas cookers
• Camp stoves
• Gas barbecues / barbecue systems
• Air heaters using gas as fuel
• Boilers of central heating systems
• Regulators and gas valves
• geysers
• Burners
• Equipment used in the control of gas-operated devices
Gas appliances used in industrial processes in industrial facilities; Devices used temporarily for research in aircraft and railway applications and laboratories are outside the scope of the regulation.
Gas-burning devices CE Certificate ensures that the following features of the products are tested and approved:
• General mechanical, physical and chemical design
• Unburned gas outlet
• Ignition
• Combustion
• Energy use
•    Heat
• If these devices come into contact with food or water intended for human consumption,

How to Obtain CE Certificate for Gas Burning Devices?

The steps followed in the CE certification process are as follows:
o Determining whether gas-burning devices are within the scope of the regulation
o Determination of international or EU harmonized standards concerning the product
o Verification of special requirements of the product
o Planning the certification process together if there is a need for a notified body
o Note: For products with high security risks, such as gas appliances, it is unlikely that the safety can be controlled by the manufacturer alone. In these cases, an independent body, in particular a notified body appointed by the national authorities, should carry out the safety check. The manufacturer can only put the CE mark on the product after this is done.
o Performing and reporting the tests and analyzes that should be done on the product according to the regulations and standards
o Preparation of technical file
o Preparing the CE Certificate, placing the CE mark on the product and creating the EC declaration of conformity
The content of the technical file prepared in order to obtain the CE Certificate for gas-burning devices is largely the same as other CE certification procedures. In this context, the documents that should be in the technical file are as follows:
o Documents related to the design of the product (technical drawings of the main assembly and sub-components, etc.)
o Test reports of the product
o Calculations used in the design
o Detailed user manual explaining the steps of the device such as installation, commissioning and operation
o Standards used in the certification process
o General information about the business regardless of the product

Gas Burning Devices CE Certificate Benefits

Gas-burning devices are often considered as risky products due to their design and operation. For this reason, it has a very high potential to harm people and the environment in its assembly and use. Certain control mechanisms are needed to eliminate these risks, and the CE Certificate is the most comprehensive arrangement among them. A manufacturer that obtains a CE Certificate for gas-burning devices both confirms the safety of the product and declares this, allowing the product to circulate freely in the EU and domestic market. Since consumers always prefer CE certified products, this situation also provides a significant increase in the number of customers and satisfaction over time. Gas-burning appliances CE Certificate We can say that esi always makes positive contributions to the prestige and brand value of the manufacturers.

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