Fama Audit (WALT DISNEY)

Walt Disney Company has prepared the International Labor Standards Program “(ILS Program”) in order to help make safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces wherever its own branded products are produced. Prior to production of Disney-branded its suppliers or licensors, Disney Resort and trading Authority ("FAMA") by sending a reference to the Disney-branded products they plan to use in the production of each facility must obtain written authorization for Disney and take notice.








All Facilities involved in the production of Disney-branded products are required to meet and maintain a Minimum Compliance Standard ("MUY"). In order for a facility to be MUY eligible, there must be no violations in any of the following categories.

* Child Labor

* Forced Labor

* Coercion and/or Pressure

• Discrimination

* Serious Health and Safety Conditions

• Freedom of Association

* Subcontractors and Employees Home.


ITS (FAMA) Audits may be performed by Disney personnel or by a third party on behalf of Disney.


* * Announced ILS Audits: A specific date is set for the audit.

* Undeclared ILS Audits: The audit is performed unannounced.


•New Facilities - ILS Inspections must be carried out the first authorization granted by Disney and the start of production.

* Existing Facilities - After initial authorization Disney, periodic ILS Inspections must be repeated at least every 12 months as a condition of continuous use.

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