EMC Tests

What is EMC?

All electrical and electronic equipment has the potential to emit magnetic noise. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is related to magnetic noises and immunity conditions emitted by electrical and electronic devices or systems. The purpose of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the desired operation of different devices or systems in a common electromagnetic environment.

As a result of the development of technology, electromagnetic compatibility has become an important design criterion as well as other design criteria in system or device design. Since 1996, EMC standards have been made mandatory for electronic devices. For this reason, manufacturers who want to sell their products must undergo various tests.
They must pass the "CE" symbol to their devices.

With the increase in awareness, it has become a requirement to design high electromagnetic compatibility standards. Many standards have been developed to maintain full electromagnetic compatibility for consumers. Compliance with these standards is to prove that electronic devices meet the required compliance levels.
The test can be done at your center or an approved testing lab. Testing done at your center allows you to set up and monitor your equipment and easily assist your engineers should any testing issues arise.

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