Disney Fama Certification refers to a certification or certification activity conducted by disney. FAMA is a type of audit that was created by Walt Disney, a world-renowned company, prepared the International Working Conditions Program (ILS) so that each facility where its own brand products are produced can become a safe and corporate workplace, and accordingly, it holds its suppliers responsible for complying with the obligations of the ILS Program. This audit sets out the operating standards of the company, which is the world´s largest in the entertainment and media industry. The entire process the production stage to the sale of each Disney branded product is included in this audit.


Walt Disney has prepared a program that includes the basic rules that businesses, workshops and factories where products bearing its own brand are produced. The purpose of the FAMA standard is to audit suppliers and determine whether they comply with certain standards. Another purpose of FAMA audits is that every organization with which it does business worldwide carries certain standards and fulfills the necessary conditions.


Disney Fama Audit Scope
The document that suppliers or manufacturers must have in order to produce and sell products belonging to the Disney brand is the Disney Fama Certificate. There are audits that must be entered and standards that must be followed in order to obtain this document. If a company wants to manufacture and sell products to the Disney company, it must comply with the Fama criteria and pass the audits. Disney-branded products may not be manufactured, operated or used without obtaining a Fama certificate the Disney company. In this regard, suppliers or manufacturers licensed by Disney must supply or manufacture their products according to the company´s ILS program.


A Disney-licensed business is required to provide the following documents during FAMA audits:
Records showing the attendance of employees to work, payrolls, employment contract and leave information, etc. relevant documents must be submitted.
All kinds of documents that directly or indirectly affect the Occupational Health and Safety of the enterprise should be provided. In this context, emergency action plans, relevant training records, fire extinguishing equipment, workplace physician, etc. Necessary documents related to the issues should be shown to the auditors.
Reports of all activities concerning the environment (water analysis, flue gas emissions, waste information, etc.) must be provided.
Some documents (work flow and organization charts, customer and supplier lists, disciplinary procedure, etc.) related to other issues related to production processes should also be prepared.

“As a Consulting Service, our aim in the DISNEY FAMA Audit service is to make the necessary pre-audit preparations in the companies that will undergo the audit related to Disney Fama standards, to raise the awareness of the managers and employees, to create the necessary documentation, to raise the awareness of the relevant personnel and managers about the audits. You can contact us to get support and detailed information about our Disney Fama service.”

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