Chemical Management Consultancy

ZDHC is an initiative created by a combination of global brands, chemical manufacturers, manufacturers and other organizations that want to produce decently by reducing their chemical footprint. Its purpose is to enable brands and retailers in the textile, clothing and footwear sectors to implement the best practices of sustainable chemical management throughout the entire supply chain.



The brands that are members of ZDHC have made a commitment tuesday they will provide zero emissions of hazardous chemicals by 2020. In order for brands to fulfill their commitments, they must use or completely reset the use of 14 classes of chemicals determined by the Restricted Substances in Production List (MRSL) within the established limits in the production processes in the supply chain. In order to monitor this, it has been made mandatory for manufacturers to conduct wastewater analysis every year and share their results with Gateway.  In this way, manufacturers declare that there are no chemicals in the MRSL list in their production with the wastewater reports they upload to the system.

We provide consultancy on how to set up an effective Chemical Management System, how to use the ZDHC Gateway tool effectively, how to reach alternative safe chemical manufacturers and how to advertise their reliable products to brands throughout the supply chain. If requested, we organize trainings to increase the awareness of the company about chemical management and ZDHC.

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