It is a standardized European approach created to monitor social standards and performance in producer or supplier countries. It was established in 2003 by the Foreign Trade Association with the aim of improving and adapting the working conditions of companies in the global supplier chain. Besides local laws, it is based on the labor standards of the International Labor Organization and some other important international regulations such as the United Nations Convention on Human Rights. This initiative aims to continuously increase the social performance of suppliers and to improve working conditions in factories around the world.

Established BSCI scope studies were completed in 2004 and the system has since been implemented worldwide. Sustainability was included in the scope of BSCI, which has grown rapidly, and a stronger organizational structure was adopted in 2011. The BSCI audit demonstrates the commitment of all suppliers and designated subcontractors to the core company´s work ethic and quality system. In BSCI audit, companies can reach audit results by checking the BSCI database. BSCI suppliers aim to improve their ethical audit procedures and quality system after completing their audits. Supplier rules can be applied to companies of any size, with any product. Since BSCI requires social responsibility as well as business and social compliance rules, it is directly influential in the purchasing decisions of brands.


What is the BSCI Standard Scope?
Legal compliance, Working hours, Work Compensation, Prevention of child labor, Prevention of forced employment, Freedom of , Prevention of discrimination, Occupational health and safety, Management standards, Environmental security policy.


What are the Benefits of the BSCI Certificate?

Businesses participating in the BSCI system;
It uses an effective and well-established system to improve working conditions in the supply chain.
They have access to comprehensive auditing tools in a wide variety of languages ??to ensure consistent monitoring of the supply chain.
They can get high quality audit services by accessing a network of BSCI approved international audit companies.
They can access the supplier database where the audit data are kept together, thus they can save time and money by avoiding multiple audits in the same workplace.
It provides opportunities for further development and sharing of best practices in the field of social compliance.
It provides the opportunity to participate directly in the development of the BSCI system.
They have regular information about news and events in the field of social compliance.

“The goal of the BSCI document is to promote the continuous improvement of the social performance of businesses in the supply chain. In this way, it is to support sustainable working conditions worldwide. ”

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