AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Management Systems is a quality management system document that is widely accepted in the industry and aims to standardize for the aerospace industry. It was developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), which includes representatives aerospace and defense industry companies around the world. The standard builds on existing management systems and industry best practices, and is completed based on the tested and validated core structure of the ISO 9001 standard. Like other ISO standards, AS 9100 standards have a planning structure with intermediate control points and require continuous improvement. It can also be applied to other industries that need a quality management system by adding to the additional requirements on the ISO 9001 quality management system.

AS 9100 is applicable to organizations operating in the aerospace industry and related industries. This standard includes ISO 9001:2015 quality management system requirements and additional requirements for the aerospace and defense industry, helping you demonstrate to your customers that you have specific processes to ensure quality and that you are meeting your requirements.

In this context, different standards can be applied for companies and special tasks:

* AS 9100 Manufacturers and Suppliers
* AS 9110 Technical Maintenance
* AS 9120 Distributors

Errors or lack of attention to detail in aviation and space studies have fatal consequences. For this reason, quality and reliability are very important for the aviation industry. Overall, quality management systems help reduce risks, ensure consistency in operations, and create a reliable framework for the entire supply chain.
AS 9100 Space and Aviation Industry Quality Management System has been developed to achieve the following objectives:

* Reducing errors and defects in the supply chain
* Reducing operating costs
* Continuous quality production
* Increasing customer satisfaction
* To save the effort, time and money that the business spends for quality production and to meet different customer requirements with a single standard that is acceptable for everyone.

The basic features of AS 9100 standards can be listed as follows:

* Improving product quality
* Change control management for key product features
* Provide aviation industry-specific manufacturing and services such as part liability, foreign object detection, production documentation, part identification and part traceability
* Process and tool change control and management
* Supply chain quality control, which includes control of purchasing and acceptance processes
* Design and development control
* Product quality, reliability and safety control,
* Continuous improvement

How to get AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Management System Certificate?

In parallel with the developments in the world, studies on space and aviation technologies are carried out in our country. Today, some organizations in our country are working to have a say in the aviation and space industry and to make original productions. While doing these studies, compliance with AS 9100 standards is important in order to be accepted in the international community. An organization wishing to obtain AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Management System Certificate should apply to an authorized certification firm. Audits can be started after the contract is signed between the certification company and the applicant organization. If the audits are completed successfully and the requirements are met, the AS 9100 Certificate is issued. The validity period of this document is 3 years. In addition, surveillance audits are required every year.
Companies applying to the certification body should pay attention to whether this certification body is accredited by a domestic or foreign accreditation body. Because, in terms of its field of activity, the aviation and space industry is a sector with a high probability of working with foreign organizations or customers. For this reason, it is important that the AS 9100 Certificate is obtained an accredited certification body and that the certificate is valid all over the world. AS 9100 Space and Aviation Industry Quality Management System can be set up and applied alone in enterprises. Since it is an auditable standard, businesses can be audited by third-party certification bodies and, if found appropriate, an AS 9100 Certificate can be given to businesses. If this document is issued by an accredited institution, it is valid and accepted internationally.

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