Green Star Certificate

Green Star Certificate
The Green Star Certificate is a document given to hotels that follow environmentally friendly business policies and aim to contribute to sustainable tourism. It was first announced in 2008 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the "Communiqué No. 2008/3 on Granting Environmentally Friendly Accommodation Facility Certificate to Accommodation Facilities with Tourism Management Certificate" published in the Official Gazette. This communiqué on the Green Star Certificate was later updated with the “Communiqué on the Issuance of an Environmentally Friendly Accommodation Facility Certificate” in 2017. The Green Star Certificate is an indication that a hotel, holiday village, thermal facility, tourism complex or golf facility has adopted the concept of an ecological hotel and is trying to harmonize its activities with the environment.
There are certain criteria that facilities that want to obtain a Green Star Certificate must meet. Facilities that fulfill certain conditions and pass inspections on issues such as water saving, energy efficiency, waste management, renewable energy, ecological architecture, etc. are entitled to receive the Green Star Certificate. The number of facilities receiving the Green Star Certificate in our country is increasing every year. Turkey, which is one of the countries hosting the most tourists in the world, has a very serious potential in this regard. Especially in cities such as Istanbul, Muğla, Izmir and Antalya, where the summer season is quite active, there are many salting enterprises that have the Green Star Certificate.
What is Green Star Certificate?
The Green Star Certificate, like all other sectors in the world, aims to carry out the activities in the tourism sector in a sustainable way. Because, regardless of the concept it serves, every hotel has a direct or indirect carbon footprint, water footprint and ecological footprint. Hotels should strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible in all service areas in order to sustainably reduce these footprints. In this context, it is of great importance to reduce waste, control the use of chemicals, train their personnel, and develop cooperation with other institutions and organizations on sustainability issues. The Green Star Certificate is an arrangement that is at the center of all these and aims to adapt accommodation facilities to ecological trends.
Facilities with Green Star Certificate contribute to the struggle with many global environmental problems today. In this context, hotels
? Preventing global warming and climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
? Reducing water waste with effective water management, and reducing water and soil pollution with waste management,
? Reducing energy consumption by using energy efficient products and processes in all its services.
is intended. The Green Star Certificate helps hotels to reduce their costs by saving water and energy in the long term, to use their resources in the most efficient way, to attract more customers by creating an environmentally friendly hotel image, and to increase their competitive power in this context; thus, it contributes to its sustainable growth by making new investments.
How to Get Green Star Certificate?
In order to obtain a Green Star Certificate, there are some conditions that hotels must fulfill and a number of procedures that must be followed. First of all, accommodation facilities should be recognized as tourism businesses. For this, a Tourism Operation Certificate must be obtained the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Facilities that do not have this certificate cannot initiate the Green Star Certificate process.
It is worth mentioning the following important issues regarding the granting of Green Star Certificate to hotels:
? Document applications are made directly to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
? We can say that the following two documents are very important in the application process:
o Application petition: The general framework of the application is drawn; It is the document that includes the information about the business, the date and time information, and the information in the appendix of the petition is accepted as correct.
o Environmental sensitivity criteria application form: This form is a document showing that the relevant facility carries out activities in compliance with the Green Star Certificate criteria, the scope of which is specified in the regulation. In this context, the form includes the environmental policy, water and waste management processes of the enterprise; Consumption information and measurement reports of resources such as water, energy, chemicals, natural gas, electricity, etc., business action plan, training and consultancy service information, etc. should be included.
? The application file is examined by the Ministry authorities and if a defect / mistake is detected, it is requested to be corrected at this stage.
? If there is no problem in the application documents, the second stage, the audit stage, is passed.
? The Ministry establishes an audit date and plan by communicating with the enterprise.
? The bedrooms, landscaping of the facility during the inspections; water, energy and chemical use, waste management and other services are audited on site.
? As a result of the audit
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